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Project Checklist

Custom-Mix Concrete wants your project to be successful; Even if you haven't done concrete work before doesn't mean you can't have a successful job. We don't want you to feel intimidated in the ordering, scheduling, and on site pouring of your job. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Certain mixes are required for different jobs.

3,000 psi
Footers, residential walls and basement floors, and post holes.

3,500 psi
Sidewalks, patios and some garage floors.

4,000 psi
Most garage floors, driveways, any exterior work that is exposed to salt, like light poles.

4,500-5,000 psi
Is a very rich high cement mix, for faster settings and higher strengths, like industrial floors and walls.


Print this form and use this as a helpful tool when calling to order your concrete.
What are the dimensions of the area?
Length: X Width: X Depth:
For Footer pours, know your total lineal footage.
What are you doing with the concrete?
For example a footer, a patio, steps, etc. this will help determine the mix needed.
Is it easy Access to the area where we are pouring?
If not, what is the next best route?


Things to remember:
Weather is a factor, check ahead on weather reports. Check local forcast.
Allow enough time for delivery, many things can affect the designated time:
  • Traffic, and previous deliveries can cause delays, so be patient.
  • Plan on being available.
  • Have the proper tools ready, and sufficient help.
  • Make sure trees, wires and neighbors fences are out of trucks way.
  • Make sure site is accessible under trucks own power.
Wear the proper clothing and protective gear:
  • Long pants
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Rubber boots
  • Concrete will burn skin and eyes.
The job no matter whether major or minor can be accomplished without hassles if you just plan ahead.


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