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How to Order Concrete

Call 607-737-0281 to place your order today! Our office staff will be able to help answer any additional questions you may have. Some info to have on hand: 

1. Contact Information

  • Name

  • Company

  • Phone Number(s)

  • PO Number

2. Date and Time

  • We frequently book up several days in advance so the more notice, the better. 

  • First round availability  is also in high demand and limited to jobs equal to or greater than 4 yards. 

3. Delivery Information

  • Job site address

  • Any tips to get to the location

  • The location must be accessible by our trucks. When delivery locations are off of paved streets, we must be provided with points of access (roadways and approaches). If the conditions are not maintained, we cannot attempt delivery. 

  • A contained washout area must also be provided on the jobsite. 

4. Project Details (Including Conveying)

  • What type of project- sidewalk, patio, footers, floor, etc.

  • Is it inside or outside? If it's outside, is it covered?

  • Are you power-troweling it? 

  • Conveyor trucks book out quickly and are an extra fee. If needed, request it from the get-go to make sure they are available. 

5. Mix

  • The desired- strength mix (PSI) for your project

  • If unsure, we can help you determine the necessary strength 

6. Quantity

  • Use the calculator on our site or your preferred method to calculate your yardage based on measured dimensions.

  • To take into account various factors (sub-base evenness, spillage, waste, settlement, etc.), make sure to add approximately 10-15% on top of your result and then round up to the nearest 1/4 of a yard.

  • We can do our best to help you determine your yardage, but we are only as good as the measurements. Therefore, it is just an approximate. 

7. Truck Spacing

  • For jobs with multiple truckloads, tell us how far apart you desire the trucks' arrivals.

  • There are many factors to scheduling trucks throughout the day, so we will do our best to accommodate this request

8. Additional Products

  • Fiber, color, accelerators, retarders, etc.

  • If you are adding your own color on site, please let us know, as there is an additional washout fee.

9. Status 

  • "Confirmed"- We will plan on delivering your order on your desired date/time. We will NOT wait to hear from you before delivery. When the truck leaves the yard, you will receive an automated text that it is on it's way. If you want to cancel, you must call us to let us know before the truck is loading (plan on at least 1-2 hours before your delivery time). 

  • "Will Call"- Tentative order. Your job is still on our schedule, but we will NOT send a truck out until we hear from you and you release it. If you still need to determine the yardage or other details, this is the best option for you. Please remember, will-call orders still occupy the schedule, so we appreciate when customers firm up their orders as soon as possible.

10. Prepay with Credit Card (if desired)

  • We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

  • If you would prefer to prepay with a credit card to save time on delivery day, we can take your information in advance.

  • We can provide you with job price total, but if any changes occur on delivery day- adding product, running short, etc., please remember your total will change.

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